The Role of Cannabis in Venice Beach’s Wellness Culture

Male performers putting on a street show near Venice Beach

Venice Beach is a vibrant, diverse community known for its free spirit, picturesque coffee shops, beautiful canals, and, wait for it, weed! Since the Great Depression, people from every walk of life have flocked to this seaside paradise to let loose. As a hub for individuals looking for alternative approaches to wellbeing, this Californian gem […]

5 Popular Weed Strains in Venice Beach

cannabis buds on a white surface

Nestled against the Pacific, Venice Beach embraces non-conformity, embodying its hippie roots. As a hub for cannabis enthusiasts since marijuana’s legalization in 1996, this California city welcomes diverse lifestyles. Here, pot shops have flourished, creating an environment conducive to the exploration of popular weed strains. While ”strain” may not be the precise term, it dominates […]