How to Make Cannabis Sugar

Cannabis-infused muffins on a butcher block

Hey there, fellow weed enthusiasts! Are you ready to deep-dive into something pretty sweet? Here, we are sharing the process of how to make cannabis sugar at home. Cannabis sugar is a fantastic way to infuse some extra magic into your life. Whether stirring it into your morning beverage for an extra pick-me-up or sprinkling […]

Top Weed Strains for Boosting Creativity

A woman tending to cannabis plants in the mountains

Ever find yourself uninspired or dreading your latest project? The secret to unlocking that mental blockade might lie in choosing the right weed strain. With so many characteristics to evaluate, selecting one that uplifts without sending you into Zombieland is critical. Here, we uncover the six best weed strains for creativity and explain how each […]

5 Popular Cannabis-Infused Recipes in Venice Beach

cannabis bud leaning against a stack of M&M cookies

Marijuana and munchies complement the bohemian vibes of Venice Beach. Combining the two into cannabis-infused recipes is an edible encapsulation of California. We’re highlighting buzzy bites that are just as diverse as this neighborhood. Hippies and hardbodies alike can infuse their favorite foods with cannabis and create a unique recipe! To get you started, we’ve […]

The Strongest Indica Cannabis Strains

Up close photo of cannabis buds

Many cannabis users remember the strong effects of indica strains with the saying: “In da couch”. Indica is known for a relaxing and soothing high that melts away stress and promotes rest. After a few hits, you’ll feel at one with your couch! Unlike the buzzy, heady vibe of sativa, indica eases your mind and […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Weed Smokers

A young woman blowing out smoke

Forget the cliché chocolates and teddy bears. With Valentine’s Day approaching, we need to think outside the box. If your sweetheart is more into green than red, we’ve got some fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas for weed smokers that will elevate their toking experience. From functional smoking accessories to weed strains that get you in […]

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Honey

Honey spoon and plate

Food can provide benefits beyond nutrition. Have you heard of the term, medicinal foods? There are many foods that have healing properties. Topping that list is honey. This sweet, gooey substance is packed with antioxidants, kills microbes, and aids with digestive function. While potent on its own, honey can be mixed with other substances to […]

The Role of Cannabis in Venice Beach’s Wellness Culture

Male performers putting on a street show near Venice Beach

Venice Beach is a vibrant, diverse community known for its free spirit, picturesque coffee shops, beautiful canals, and, wait for it, weed! Since the Great Depression, people from every walk of life have flocked to this seaside paradise to let loose. As a hub for individuals looking for alternative approaches to wellbeing, this Californian gem […]

5 Popular Weed Strains in Venice Beach

cannabis buds on a white surface

Nestled against the Pacific, Venice Beach embraces non-conformity, embodying its hippie roots. As a hub for cannabis enthusiasts since marijuana’s legalization in 1996, this California city welcomes diverse lifestyles. Here, pot shops have flourished, creating an environment conducive to the exploration of popular weed strains. While ”strain” may not be the precise term, it dominates […]