Nestled against the Pacific, Venice Beach embraces non-conformity, embodying its hippie roots. As a hub for cannabis enthusiasts since marijuana’s legalization in 1996, this California city welcomes diverse lifestyles.

Here, pot shops have flourished, creating an environment conducive to the exploration of popular weed strains. While ”strain” may not be the precise term, it dominates the lexicon due to the practice of cross-breeding and the absence of strict regulations.

Cannabis breeders frequently create unique names for their strains based on lineage, known effects, and marketing strategies. Here, we unravel the allure of some of the most popular cannabis strains thriving in this relaxed community.

What Makes Each Weed Strain Unique?

So, what makes one cannabis strain different from another? It’s the inherent chemical composition. The ratio of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to cannabidiol (CBD) distinguishes weed strains and gives them unique characteristics and nuances.

THC, renowned for inducing cannabis’s psychoactive effects, varies in concentration, contributing to the diverse experiences of popular weed strains. Equally impactful are terpenes, natural compounds responsible for the captivating aromas and flavors of cannabis. Its influence sheds light on why certain strains boast unique scents and tastes.

The composition of each strain offers different effects, but there are only two types from which they originate: sativa and indica. Sativa produces uplifting and cerebral effects and is considered ideal for daytime use. Indica, on the other hand, is often hailed as a bedtime strain due to its calming and pain-relieving properties.

Beyond the THC/CBD ratio, growing conditions and genetics also contribute to the uniqueness of each strain. Climate, soil, and meticulous cultivation practices are the driving forces behind the most popular cannabis strains in Venice Beach.

Below are five fan favorites to consider.

1. OG Kush

two OG Kush buds with one pre-roll on a table

Originating from the Hindu Kush landrace strain, a resilient mountainous variety between Pakistan and Afghanistan, OG Kush’s journey to California was intertwined with the 60s and 70s Hippie Trail.

This cultural movement saw young explorers bringing back seeds from Southeast Asia, setting the stage for its West Coast emergence. Renowned for its unique characteristics, this popular weed strain is resilient to harsh weather conditions, a trait that contributes to its rich trichome production.

Matt “Bubba” Berger crossbred Hindu with Kryptonite to birth the iconic OG Kush. Later, it was propelled to stardom in California, endorsed by influential figures like Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill.

Distinctive for its gassy and skunky aroma, OG Kush boasts a THC content in the low 20s, solidifying its status as one of the most popular cannabis strains in history.

2. Blue Dream

Emerging from the sun-soaked landscapes of California in 2003, Blue Dream boasts a lineage that combines the Blueberry and Haze strains. The sweet, fruity aroma of blueberry, coupled with Haze’s dreamlike high, creates a well-balanced hybrid celebrated for its effects and therapeutic benefits.

Blue Dream offers a harmonious blend of sativa and indica effects, providing profound relaxation for the body while preserving mental sharpness and creativity.

Unlike other popular weed strains, it’s not just for recreational use. For those combating anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, Blue Dream stands as a beacon of relief.

In the vibrant cannabis scene of Venice Beach, this mid-range strain, with a THC content ranging from 18% to 22%, enjoys widespread popularity. It caters to diverse needs, especially those dealing with PTSD, stress, aches and pains, and insomnia.

3. Pineapple Express

cannabis bud on a wooden surface

Contrary to popular belief, this strain didn’t exist before the movie. It came on the set during the film’s production process. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, known for their expertise in cultivation and ownership of the cannabis brand Houseplant, developed this strain as an integral part of the famous cult classic.

Renowned for its distinctive flavor profile, Pineapple Express delivers bright citrus notes infused with pineapple and earthy pine, courtesy of caryophyllene, limonene, and ocimene terpenes.

Beyond its cinematic ties, Pineapple Express, a sativa-dominant hybrid, earns its popularity for producing immediate and long-lasting energetic effects, with a THC content of 18%.

Medical marijuana patients seeking relief from depression, pain, and fatigue love this strain. Whether lighting up in the morning, afternoon, or early evening, fans rave about the experience. With its versatility and widespread acclaim, it is one of the most popular cannabis strains in our community.

4. Sour Diesel

The prolific era of the ‘90s brought Sour Diesel onto the scene, yet its origins lack a precise birth date. However, the legend traces back to a bag of Chemdawg during a Grateful Dead tour in 1991. Allegedly, the seeds ended up in Massachusetts, giving rise to Chem 91, Chem Sister, Chem C, and Chem D.

Sour Diesel, originally just “Diesel,” earned the “Sour” due to its coveted nature, supposedly ruining countless relationships. It has distinctive sativa characteristics, sweet aroma, high THC, and looser, lighter-colored buds. The effects hit fast and hard, but you can expect an inevitable crash and couch lock.

This potent, popular weed strain spread from the East Coast, where it originated, to the West Coast, gaining particular prominence in the cannabis scene of California.

Known as West Coast Diesel in Venice Beach, this sativa powerhouse, a genetic cross between Sour Diesel and Frisco OG, boasts 24% THC, making it one of the most popular cannabis strains for California’s recreational and medicinal users.

5. Gelato

a person holding a tweezer near cannabis buds

Propelled into cannabis stardom through the visionary efforts of Jigga and Berner, founders of the Cookie Farm in 2012, Gelato emerged as a cornerstone in breeding. Born from the genetic fusion of Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert, Gelato stands as a testament to the artistry of cannabis cultivation.

This popular weed strain, marked by sweet, citrusy, creamy, and earthy undertones, elevates your sensory experience to unprecedented heights. Its dense, colorful buds, adorned with brilliant trichomes, offer an aesthetic delight.

Beyond its visual and aromatic allure, Gelato’s 20% THC content boasts potent psychoactive effects, seamlessly blending the relaxing and euphoric attributes of its parent strains.

Many users testify to Gelato’s prowess in inducing happiness, calmness, and heightened creativity, making it among the most popular cannabis strains sought after by both users and growers alike.

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Venice Beach’s cannabis scene is as vibrant and diverse as the place itself. From the explosive highs of OG Kush to the soothing embrace of Gelato, each of the popular weed strains we mentioned offers a unique experience. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, we recommend trying these strains to truly grasp the heart and soul of Venice Beach’s weed culture.

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